When to visit London? Our graph clearly shows you the pattern of London weather. Plan your best time to visit London and enjoy the fullest

London Weather is very much unpredictable but here you will get an idea about weather. It’s important to know what kind of Cloths you need to bring. There is so much happening in London all year round. So make a plan wisely not to miss out anything taking full advantage of London weather. Along with weather you may want to know the best attractions in London or UK Tourist Visa procedures

Broadly Summer period i.e. April to Oct particularly June, July August are the best months to visit London. Weather is pleasant and daylight stays up to 18 hours.

There are funny 3 words appropriately applicable about London’s life and culture. These are 3W i,e Weather, Wife and Wealth. It is said not to believe 3W specially with regards to weather. Weather is in constant change. We provide you an idea on London weather which will help you in making plan.

London Weather: Monthly high and low temperature:

londonvisit-touristguide-london weather-best time to visit London-temperature
London Weather: Best Time to Visit London-Temperature

January February November December are really the cold 4 months. The minimum and maximum temperature are 2degree celsius and 8 degree celsius respectively. Sometime it goes down to minus. Temperature picks up from March. Three months June July August have the highest temperature. Minimum and maximum temperatures are 12 degree celsius and 21 celsius. Sometimes it goes up to 30 degree celsius. June July August are the perfect summer time. Temperature starts to fall from September. But next 2 months like September October are manageable to visit the city.

London Weather: Monthly daylight hours

Daylight is also an additional factor in considering the time of London visit. The longer you get the daylight, the more you can stay outside and enjoy the London city. In full summer, day starts at 04.30am and the Sun sets at 10.00pm i.e. nearly 18 hours of daylight.

londonvisit-touristguide-london weather-best time to visit London-daylight hours
London Weather: Best time to visit London-daylight hours

In the months of January February November December, daylight stays 7 hours to 10 hours. Most of the time of a day is gloomy dark and has cold wind. March to October i.e. 8 months have good daylight from 11 hours to 18 hours. Specially May June July August have the longest daylight.



General overview on London Weather

London has a moderate temperate climate with all four seasons. There has been no extremes of temperature. The weather is a couple of degrees warmer than the outside of the city and is one the warmest places in the UK.


Summer starts from June. It lasts till mid-September. As the weather is totally unpredictable, tourists may experience a week of continuous rain, a week of wonderful sunshine with the maximum temperature 30°C.


Autumn comes in mid-September and lasts up to November. The season is full with pleasant temperature.  During October things are begin to cool.  However, 11°C to 20°C is very much possible during this season


Winter, from December to February, remains cold in London. The average temperature in the winter stays at 5°C, with the maximum 9°C and minimums 2°C. However, the winter temperature can often drop to 0°C.


Like summer, spring too is a season of unpredictable weather in London. The weather is this period can be chilly, damp and grey or can be sunny with a pleasant temperature. It starts from March and ends in May. The temperature remains with the maximum of 18°C and minumum 6°C.

More to know about London Weather

01. Met Office, UK Government: The Met Office provides a wide range of forecasts and warnings to help you make informed decisions about your day to day activities. For more please click-Todays Weather

02. BBC London Weather: BBC London weather service is helpful with travel tips. Please visit-London Today


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