Countrymen- visit to the places in London where you find your countrymen your food and culture.. little version of your country

Countrymen – London is said the world’s capital city. It is a global City where different nationalities of people are living. Visit specific places in London where you can meet your countrymen, eat your food and enjoy the culture. Find everything what you left behind. These places not to be missed to visit.

Chinatown in London
Arabian Capital- Edgware Road London
Little Venice-Sicily in London
Sicilian Avenue in London
Little India-Southall, London
Brick Lane- Banglatown
Pakistani Community- Redbridge, London
American, Greek- Bayswater, London

Chinatown in London

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Arabian Capital- Edgware Road London

Arabian Capital- Edgware Road, LondonEdgware Road is rich in ethnic culture of diverse communities from across the Middle East. It’s located in a very central area of London a short walk from Oxford Street/Marble Arch.

The origin of Edgware Road goes back to the 1970s, when the Middle Eastern communities started to gather in London based on various historical events such as the gulf war in Iraq, the Lebanese civil war of 1975, the Palestinian uprising of 1987 and many more. It is estimated that more than half a million Arabian live in the UK, with London attracting the majority who have settled here largely from Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, the Gulf States and Iraq.

You will find a variety of Arabic language speakers from different countries around the Middle East, which is hard to find elsewhere in London. As an Arab living or touring in London, visiting this area makes them feel at home.

This road is full of local Arab off-license supermarkets, renowned Arab restaurants, Shisha cafes, Banks, Other service shops serving Arab Communities. It’s is also known to Londoners by nicknames such as “Little Cairo”[ and “Little Beirut etc.

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Little Venice in London

Little Venice is named due to its waterways and aesthetic qualities which encourage comparisons with the beautiful Italian city Venice. It is a home of elegant bars and restaurants, in keeping with the area’s genteel flavour. It offers welcome breathing space from the hustle and bustle that much of central London provides.

Little Venice is a beautiful, tranquil part of central London, is located in central London’s Maida Vale and is a stopping point on the Regent’s Canal cruises. London tourists enjoy Regent’s Canal as it winds all the way through Regent’s Park, close to London Zoo and finally through to Camden Lock’s famous markets. You can also walk to Camden Lock by the canal.

Nearest Tube: Warwick Avenue (Bakerloo Line)
Address: Little Venice, Maida Vale, London W2
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Sicilian Avenue in London

Sicilian Avenue was built in 1910 and was named due to its authentic old-world southern Italian feel.

It is a beautiful pedestrianized shopping street in the Holborn district of central London and also famous for fine Italian cuisine and a glass of Italian red wine. You will find here famous authentic Italian restaurant Spaghetti House.

Nearest Tube: Holborn (Piccadilly Line, Central Line)
Address: Sicilian Avenue, Holborn, London WC1A 2QH

Little India-Southall, London

The area of Southall is called Little India. It is located in west London. Southall Broadway is the only place where you can see everything Asian, from food, spices, clothes, restaurants, Take-away and jewellers. Mostly Indian heritage people live here. Without speaking English, you can fully enjoy the experience.

It’s is rich with South Asian culture and traditional South Asian goods ranging from jewellery to Asian clothing are sold. It’s also famous for Indian culinary delights and various Indian Cultural Programs. The southall shops do not close on Bank Holidays. Most are open as usual on all occasions.

It is also famous that Bollywood film Goal was shot here.

Nearest Railway Station: Southall Railway Station
Address: Southall Broadway, Southall, London UB1
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Brick Lane- Banglatown

Brick Lane is otherwise known as BanglaTown. It’s a street in East London was established in recognition of the large Bangladeshi community (nearly 70% of the total population) living in and around Brick Lane.

Brick Lane is very famous for Curry restaurants run by the local Bangladeshi population. It has plenty Indian restaurants to try the best curry in UK.There are 10,000-12,000 so-called Indian restaurants in the UK, which are almost all owned and run by Bangladeshis.

Brick Lane is home to the Backyard Market and the brilliant Sunday Up Market, which specialise in cutting-edge fashion, vintage and showcasing cool new designers. It is also renowned as indie music venue like 93 Feet East music venue and the Rough Trade East record store.

There is a mosque named Brick Lane Mosque was used first as a church and then a synagogue, reflecting changing demographics.

The very first Bengalis who came to the UK were seamen, and were often ship’s cooks in the early 1900s. Some Bangladeshi migrants have been in Britain since the late seventeenth century as lascars (sailors) who were recruited by the East India Company’s merchant ships. A more significant number did not arrive until the second half of the twentieth century after the partition of the Indian sub-continent in 1947 and in the 1960s and 1970s following a protracted civil war with current day Pakistan which led to Bangladesh gaining independence in 1971.

Brick Lane was formerly called Whitechapel Lane. It derives its current name from brick and tile manufacture started in the 15th century. Brewing came to Brick Lane before 1680, with water drawn from deep wells. One brewer was Joseph Truman, first recorded in 1683. His family, particularly Benjamin Truman, went on to establish the sizeable Black Eagle Brewery on Brick Lane. Truman named building is seen there.

The Brick Lane Market first developed in the 17th century for fruit and vegetables sold outside the City. It has a rich history of welcoming different immigrant populations – from the French Huguenots of the 1700s to the Jewish immigrants of the late 1800s. Now the area is largely occupied by the Bengali Community and is the best place to experience Bangladesh in London.

Each year tens of thousands take to the streets for the Baishaki Mela, celebrating the Bangladeshi New Year with music, food, fashion and dance. There are other celebrations observed inline with Bangladeshi important events and days.

Nearest Tube: Aldgate East (District Line, Hammersmith & City Line) Liverpool Street (Central Line, Circle Line, Metropolitan Line, Hammersmith & City Line)
Address: Brick Lane, London E1
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Pakistani Community- Redbridge, London

Pakistani Community- Redbridge– England has the second largest number of Pakistani origin people living outside of Pakistan itself. They started to arrive in the capital from the mid 1950’s onwards, initially it was young single men who came looking for work. But as time went by they brought over their wives and relatives to join them, this process began from the 1960’s onwards.

Many of them have established small businesses like newsagents, small grocery shops, meat shops, clothes stores or takeaway’s. A large number of them also work as private hire and taxi drivers. Well-known British Pakistanis include Anwar Pervez, whose Bestway group has a turnover of £2 billion.

Most of Pakistanis live in Redbridge, Newham, Waltham Forest, Hounslow, Forest Gate, Stratford, East Ham, Walthamstow etc. Pakistani population is made up of Punjabis, Pathans, Urdu Speakers, Mirpuris and Sindhis. They are mostly Muslims Sunni (92%).

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American, Greek- Bayswater, London

London’s American, Greek & Arabian communities make their homes in pillared Georgian terraces and neat garden squares, with a great expanse of Hyde Park’s landscaped English parkland almost on their doorsteps.

The Americans, meanwhile, congregate around Whiteley’s, a century-old department store that was the closest thing London has to a US-style mall prior to the opening of Westfield and One New Change.

Bayswater/Edgware Road is the London’s Arab high street, and in summer the air is rich with the scents of Okacbasi barbecues and shisha pipes (now banished to the outdoor terraces) and full of the sounds of Middle Eastern and North African music.

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