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Bangladeshi visitors-Get a tour support in London for pleasant journey

Bangladeshi visiting London-London Visit-Tour Organizer

Bangladeshi visitors to London

Every year average 15,000 Bangladeshi visitors visiting London for the purpose of business, holiday, education & meet-up with family members. Sometimes they face difficulties in getting the right information and services on London weather, UK visitor visa, Accommodation, Halal food, attractions in London, Public transport, Taxi service, Travel Guide etc.

We, a group of British Bangladeshi try to address the problems. We developed a travel guide website which is being maintained by the professionals.

Londonvisit.uk is an online travel guide giving you the right information on London

Special Travel Services for Bangladeshi Visitors

Apart from the travel guide, we also extend our support to the Bangladeshis for their pleasant journey to London.

1. Accommodation: From £25/-night

Select the right accommodation at your chosen location at the cheapest possible. We will book it for you for stress-free staying in London

Hotels, Bed & Breakfast in London 

Start from £35/-night based on location, travel time, quality. Search for your accommodation in London.

London’s Hotels under £50 : Hotels, Apartments, B & B in London with a very special offer

London’s Hotels- £50 to £99 : Hotels, Apartments, B & B in London with a very special offer

Superb Grade London’s Hotels : Exceptional superb grade Hotels in London. With a very very special offer you may expect rate £99 per night. Worth to check it. It also includes 5* & 4* Hotels rate up to £2,500 per night

Top Secret Hotels up to 40% discount : Some good rated hotels offer up to 40% discount for a short period of time. Book the quality hotels at discount unbelieveable price. Remember it only stays for a while.

Hotels in Central London


Premier Inn

Village Hotels

Brittania Hotels

You can book by yourself or choose us to book for you.

Apartment/Flatshare with Bangladeshi Family

Start from £25/- night for 1 nice room with kitchen facility. You will find a room near to London Eye, Parliament House, East London, North London areas. You need to Email us or leave a message on the Facebook page to arrange a room for you.

Most of the Bangladeshi British family members are religious minded, frank and open-minded. You will find them friendly cordial and helpful.

2. Taxi Cab Service: From £7/-trip

You may need a taxi service for the Airport to London City Centre & Vice VersaCity tourAttractions Tour, visiting some other places in London & outside London. You will find two types of Taxi to take.

1. Metered Taxi: fare fixed by Meter. It usually comes up a high fare. Example: if you come by metered taxi from Heathrow to London, you usually pay average £75 but you can book a taxi in advance for £40/£45 for the same journey.

2. Book in advance for a fixed amount. It is usually cheaper than the metered taxi.

Email us for booking a taxi in advance, and pay less. You can also use public transport or Uber Taxis.

3. Mobile SIM arrangement

We will provide a Mobile SIM at the Airport so that you will instantly get connected with your near and dear in Bangladesh and London. Choose the right Internet data plan for the availability of the Internet for all time. Do not forget to inform us if you need Mobile SIM.

4. Oyster Card for Public Transport

For using Public Transport, you will also get Oyster Card at the Airport. Let us know if you want it. We will guide you how to use the Oyster Card and go to one place to another place in London.

5.  London Attractions and Travel Guide service

London has many attractions to see. We are happy to help you in choosing the attractions based on your circumstances.

British Bangladeshi Tour Guide is available to show you the London Attractions. You can communicate with them either in Bangla or English. There are two more options which you can consider to see London perfectly within the limited time.

The London Pass ticket: In covers free entry to 80 plus attractions, City Sightseeing Bus, River Cruise etc.

City Sightseeing Bus: The best option for viewing the city, landmarks, museums etc in a day or two

Welcome Bangladeshi to visit London

London has so many things to see. Moreover it is not an expensive city. Unlike other countries, you will see many attractions in London are free to visit. cheaper Food, reasonable Public transport cost, Accommodation in a special offer becomes the London affordable in fact.

Indicative cost for staying in London

This will give you an idea of how much money you need for staying in London.

Average daily expenses (per person per day in British Currency)

Range: Minimum to Standard Living. We don’t consider here Luxury Travelling as luxury prices have no limit and it depends on circumstances, time, aristocracy etc.

Flight Cost: Dhaka/Sylhet/Chittagong to London: At actual

Accommodation- £ 25-£250

Breakfast- £5 – £15

Lunch- £10 – £50

Dinner- £15 – £50

Tea, Coffee, Snacks, Water, Soft Drinks- £6 – £25

Local Transportation- £10 – £15

(Oyster for Bus, Tube, DLR, Tram)

Taxi Cab fares: At actual based on where you go- £6-£80

Communication- £10 – £25

Tips & Handouts- £5 – £10

Shopping Actual based on which item you are going to buy

Entertainment, Attractions etc. at actual based on which attraction to see. Keep in mind most attractions are free (Indicative Average price- Cinema £8-£15, Theatre £25 to £200, Football & Other games £25 to £200, Attractions £20 – £150, Day Trip £30 – £150)

Taxi fares: Taxi fares vary depending on when you travel. You will find Gov.t approved Taxi Rate. Every taxi Drivers have to follow Gov’t Rate & Guidelines.

Please visit British Currency and London-cost for details with the Tips how to save money

Who we are?

I, Mizan Rahman is a British citizen mainly float the idea to help our Bangladeshi while there are in London. With the help of other British Bangladeshi, we successfully implement and operate the whole activities.

I have been living in London for about 15 years. I came here from Bangladesh for the higher Business Studies while I was working at Bangladeshi Company ‘Partex Group’ as Deputy General Manager. After the study, I joined here at British Company and worked for 7 years as Manager. I left my job and started to provide a travel service to my countrymen. To know more about me, visit my Linkedin Profile

Should there be any help and assistance, do not forget to send us a text to guide further.

Email us or leave a message on the Facebook page

We welcome you to visit London, to visit our website.

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