Innovative Essential Travel Products


Innovative Travel Products keep our Travel easy & smooth. Here we list most innovative 9 Travel Products with 27 very essential Travel Products.

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Number 01: Trunkster: The world’s most revolutionary Coolest luggage

Trunkster is said to provide a “sexy silhouette, impeccable construction and intelligent features,” designed to give travellers the “most streamlined travel experience”. A new high-tech, zipless suitcase offers travellers a sleek and ‘sexy’ way to travel, its designers claim.

Trunkster: in Action

– Simple, lightweight construction: made from 100% virgin, scratch and impact resistant polypropylene.
– Accurate global tracking: GPS
– Weigh wherever- Integrated scale
– Zipperless entry, Effortless maneuvering: Complete control handle, All-terrain wheels
– Charge on-the-go: USB charging + removable battery charger which has a charging capacity of 15000 mAh and charging output capacity of 3 Amps.
– Custom TSA-approved, 4-digit combination lock to keep your bag safe from intruders.

Price: $295 – $335 Order: Preorder from trunkster

More Information: trunkster, dailymail, telegraph

There is another company Bluesmart coming this year with same kind of product. It’s smart carry-on suitcase controlled using an app on your phone. Using Bluetooth technology, the app can lock and unlock the bag, track its location, and notify you if you accidentally leave it behind.

Watch the Video

Bluesmart- A smart carry-on suitcase

More information: bluesmart

Number 02: Trunki Ride On Kids Suitcase

Trunki allows children to ride their luggage through the airport or train station. Designed to beat the boredom suffered by traveling tots.Children can pack Trunki full of their favourite toys, whilst parents keep them in tow! Perfect for holidays, weekend breaks and playing at home. Recommended for ages 3+

Trunki in action!

– Lockable catches, carry handles, 2-in-1 carry/tow strap
– Integrated wheels and stabilizers to prevent toppling over
– Stuff pocket, Horn grips, ID label, Teddybear seatbelts
– Made from the same lightweight, durable plastic as adult cases
– Generous 4 gallon capacity for toys, games and spare clothes
– Trunki suitable for hand luggage. But check with your airlines
– At home, Trunki is a kid-friendly storage bin

Buy from your local Amazon Shop
Trunki – Ride On Kids Suitcase

More Information: trunki

Number 03: KidCo Peapod: Sleeping Travel Pad for Child

Peapod offers peace of mind to parents trekking with kids. It’s designed for use with children 1-3 years old. This handy bed fits inside carry-on size luggage, making it great for trips. When not in use, the PeaPod quickly folds for storage inside its own bag making it perfect for short visits or long trips.

KidCo Peapod – How does it Work:Travel Products for Kid

– mesh surround provides increased air flow while a large front zipper panel makes access to your child effortless.
– for outdoor use including UV protection and anchor straps.
– easily removes for cleaning, great for the beach
– carrying bag. It passes all required ASTM and Federal standards.

Price: $69.95 – $79.99, KidCo Peapod: Buy from your local Amazon Shop

More Information: KidCo Peapod Manufacturer’s Website

Number 04: Handheld UV Water Purifier- SteriPen Ultraviolet Bacteria and Pathogen Killing Water Wand

While travelling for business or pleasure, you sometimes really can not drink the local water. Stick this Steripen in a glass or bottle of water, turn it on and in about 48 seconds 16oz of water is deemed safe to drink. SteriPEN keeps you and your family healthy while traveling. SteriPEN products is certified as safe and effective by the Water Quality Association.

SteriPen Handheld UV Water Purifier

SteriPEN water purifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts, such as: diarrhea caused bacterias Shigella, Campylobacter & Cryptosporidium and more like Cholera, Hepatitis, Giardia, E-Coli etc

SteriPEN uses AA Batteries but Rechargeable, Reusable for up to 8,000 liters. Destroys over 99.9% of harmful bacteria, It works in cold weather, water resistant, durable

You can buy it from Amazon or Steripen other reseller partner. From Amazon-SteriPEN Ultra USB Rechargeable Portable, Handheld UV Water Purifier

More Information: Steripen Travel Website

Number 05: Goal Zero ultra-lightweight solar charging system

Goal Zero is an ultra-lightweight foldable solar panel that will charge small personal electronics as well as rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. Keep your phones, cameras, even tablets charged with the power of the sun. Keep talking, emailing, surfing, and always stay moving. It’s the perfect pocket-sized companion and won’t weigh you down.

Goal Zero- Solar Charger- Phone Charger-Travel Accessories

High efficiency monocrystalline solar panel; rugged, lightweight and folds small Chain multiple rechargers together for more power; pocket to protect your gear while charging. It is very weather-resistant and will not be harmed if exposed to rain or snow.

Buy from Amazon – Goal Zero Solar Recharging Kit

More Information: Goalzero-Power Packs

Number 06: The Jetboil Flash Compact Cooking System

A compact, easy-to-use stove for cooking on the road. By Jetboil Flash system you will prepare oatmeal, coffee, soup, stew, or pasta etc. Boil water in 45 sec. It’s especially travel-friendly are the ease and speed of use, and the design, which enables both the stove and gas to be packed in the pot without wasting any space.

Jetboil- Cooking system during Travel-Travel Accessories

1.0 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy, heat resistant, featuring Flash color-change heat indicator, adjustable stainless steel burner with push-button “through-cup” igniter, Drink-through lid and insulating bottom cover/measuring cup, Tripod base for added stability, Pour spout lid allows for safely boiling and protecting food from spilling. BPA-free and quick-to-cool material with tons of recipes for its customers.

Buy from Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking SystemJetboil- Cooking system during Travel-Travel Accessories

More Information: Jetboil-Cooking Systems

Number 07: Air Supply Mini-Mate Wearable Air Purifiers

It is especially helpful on airplanes, trains,buses etc. Your fellow passengers may have colds or germs when you are travelling with somebody. Weighing in at a sleek 1.5 ounces, this Air Supply will help to purify your breathing space with the most powerful output that we have available. It can be worn around the neck or clipped to clothing.

Wearable Air Purifiers-Travel Accessories

Virus and Bacteria incinerated by corona discharge, protect you from Allergies, chemical sensitivities and mold
120 trillion ions per/sec. output. Ozone output .028 ppm
Destroys odors, chemical contaminants and dust, Second hand smoke eliminated On/Off switch.

Buy from Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air PurifierWearable Air Purifiers-Travel Accessories

More Information: weinproducts- Minimate

Number 08: SIGMO- The revolutionary real-time translators of 25 languages

This is the new way to travel. You don’t need a small pocket dictionary, SIGMA overcomes the barrier of communicating with other countries people. It is a small, lightweight and portable device. Hung around your neck, attached to your clothes, on your belt or around your wrist like a watch.

SIGMO Voice Translator- How it does work, Travel Accessories

It has two modes of voice translation; the first is to translate from your native language to the language of your choice. And the second is to translate from the language of your choice to your native language. There are two buttons, press the first button and speak your phrase, and SIGMO translates. Press the second button and SIGMO will translate speech from the foreign language, and then instantly speaks in your native language.

Available language now: English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (Canada), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Mexico), French (France), French (Canada), Finish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (China), Mandarin (Taiwan / Hong Kong), Catalan, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Hebrew, Czech, Turkish, Malay.

Buy from Sigmo Translator or From your Local AmazonShop- SigmoSIGMO Language Translator-Travel Accessories

More Information: Revolutionary SIGMO Real Time Translator or SIGMO Translator-Blablabox

Number 09: Go-Girl and Shewee- Tricky bathroom situations for Women

The GoGirl and the Shewee, portable urinating devices which allow women to wee whilst standing and without removing their clothes.

Shewee- Bathroom Solution during Travel

Shewee/GoGirl is used for many years by campers, climbers, skiers, walkers, festival goers and those stuck in traffic jams, it’s now a must have accessory for the everyday woman too when using a dirty public toilet. Portable Urinating Device for Women comes with case for Storage and Extension Pipe for added length. It is reusable

Buy from Shewee Women Urination Device- Amazon or Go Girl Female Urination Device- Amazon

Go-Girl- Female Urinating Device, Travel Accessories

More Information: shewee.com and go-girl.com


travel products accessories


01. Luggage Lock- TSA Accepted Cable Master LockLuggage Lock- TSA Accepted Cable Master Lock

02. Luggage Scale- with Temperature Sensor and Tare FunctionLuggage Scale- with Temperature Sensor and Tare Function

03. Item Finder- for Anything like like keys, cars, luggage, purse etcItem Finder

04. Travel Pillow – Winner of British Invention Year 2013

05. Toiletry Bag- Leather zippered compartmentToiletry Bag

06. Travel Wallet- protecting Money, Credit Cards, Passports etc.Travel Wallet

07. Luggage Tags/Business Card Holder- Travel ID Bag clear plastic film Luggage Tags-Business Card Holder

08. Travel Gear- Eagle Creek Pack-It, Fabric lining, Zipper closureTravel Gear

09. ORB Travel Luggage Strap- Premium Designer

10. Travel Document Holder/ Organizer/ Wallet, RFID ProtectedTravel Document Holder

11. Portable Travel Battery Power Bank-ismart Tech, RAVPower®15000mAhPortable Travel Battery Power Bank

12. Travel Adapter- Eagle Creek Travel Gear, USB

13. Travel Bottles- humangear GoToob, Food-safe Silicone ConstructionTravel Bottles

14. Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Carrying Cases

15. Shoe Bags-Travelon, Compartment keeps shoes from scuffingShoe Bags

16. UV protected Micro Umbrella Auto Open & Close

17. Surge Protector Belkin Mini Travel Swivel ChargerSurge Protector

18. Mini Travel Steam Iron, 420-watt iron removes wrinklesMini Travel Steam Iron

19. Travel Hoodie Pillow- InflatableTravel Hoodie Pillow

20. Travel Insect Repellent Bracelet

21. Perfume Atomizer Spray- 10 ML Perfume Atomizer Spray

22. Door Stop Alarm-Trademark Global

23. Travel Hair Dryer-BabylissproTravel Hair Dryer-Babylisspro

24. Travel Kettle- GForce-Fast Boil Water

25. Tripshell World Travel Adapter- Built-in Dual USB IITripshell World Travel Adapter

26. Apple AirPort Express Base Station (MC414LL/A)Apple AirPort Express Base Station

27. Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling HeadphonesBose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones