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Black Taxi on London Road


Taxi service is convenient and easy to go anywhere. Sometimes it is cheaper than Bus or Train specially when you are a group of 4/5 persons. But prime concern is to take licensed Taxi for safer journey.

Transport For London (TFL) is responsible for governing & monitoring this service as like as other Public Transport in London. Here is their contact address.

Transport for London: Taxi & private hire
Phone: 0343 222 4444
08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday

Have a look & download Transport for London Guide on Taxi & Minicabs

TFL has its own Minicab application ‘Cabwise from which you can book.

All minicabs must be licensed by TfL and must be booked in advance.

Do not get into an unbooked minicab. Unbooked minicabs are dangerous and put you at risk of attack including sexual assault and robbery

Only taxis (black cabs) can be hailed and pick customers up on the street without a booking

Difference between a Minicab & Taxi

Minicabs must be booked in advance at an office, over the phone or online. It is not possible to flag them down and it is illegal for them to stop in taxi ranks. Better to fix Fare whilst booking.

Taxis on the other hand are permitted to take passengers who flag them down on the street. They are fully licensed and drive licensed vehicles. All black Cab drivers are required to display driver identifiers when plying for hire as a condition of licence.

Click for Fare Estimation for Black Cabs or Minicab

Taxi Fare Finder
Taxi Auto Fare
World Taxi Meter

Black Cabs & MiniCabs Applications: I-Phone, Android or Blackberry supported

Cabwise: Maintained by TFL. It finds you the details of your closest licenced minicab office and sends you the details.
Gett: only uses licensed black Cabs
Kabbee: Minicab booking app
ComCab: to book a taxi and make advance bookings.
Hailo: To book a black taxi
GetTaxi: Taxi bookings
Radio Taxis: to book a cabs with Radio Taxis
Addison Lee: Book private hire vehicles
Climate Cars: Friendly private hire vehicles
Dial-a-Cab: taxis with Dial-a-Cab

Revolutionising Uber has an app that has transformed minicab hire around the globe since it was launched by a US tech company five years ago. You click a button to send your location and then watch on screen as a minicab drives towards you. To sign up for the app you have to input your credit or debit card details. Payment is taken automatically from your account and is calculated.

Taxi from Airports- to Central or Airport Transfer

Book from Heathrow Airport
Book from Gatwick Airport
Book from Stansted Airport

Taxi company

One-Number Taxi: 0871 871 8710, All London
Call-A-Cab: 020 8901 4444, All London
Computer Cab: 020 7908 0207, All London
Croydon Taxi Rank: 0800 118 2738, Croydon and surrounding areas
DataCab: 020 7432 1540, All London
Dial-A-Cab: 020 7253 5000, All London
London Black Taxis: 07779 336 612, Pre-booked trips for all of London
Radio Taxis: 020 7272 0272, All London
Clapham Common Taxi Rank: 0800 118 2494, Clapham Common and surrounding areas
Morden Taxi Rank: 0800 118 2882, Morden and surrounding areas
Sutton Taxi Rank: 0800 118 2192, Sutton and surrounding areas
Balham Taxi Rank: 0800 118 2944, Balham and surrounding area
Taxi Call Wimbledon: 020 8099 7711, Wimbledon and surrounding areas
Centre Court Wimbledon Taxi Rank: 0800 211 8914, Wimbledon and surrounding areas
Xeta: 0845 108 3000, All London

Find a local TFL approved minicab

For Local Licensed Minicab Offices and other private hire operators

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