St Pauls Cathedral near Blackfriars Bridge London was memorably used for the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It has been for worship and prayer for over 1400 years

St Pauls Cathedral is the biggest Anglican Cathedral in the UK. It was memorably used for the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It has been here for over 1400 years for worship and prayer. The Choir of St Paul Cathedral touches thousands with its music, through services, recordings, broadcasts, concerts and tours. You will enjoy the sound of the choir though you are about to experience it for the first time.

St Paul’s is a truly stunning building. The features include The Golden Gallery which is located 530 steps above ground level. The Dome is over 111 metres high and decorated by beautiful mosaics and murals. The Stone Gallery, which is reached by climbing 378 steps; and the Whispering Gallery.

Saint Mellitus and Saint Erkenwald mostly associated with the first establishment of St Paul Cathedral. Saint Mellitus arrived in Britain with Saint Augustine on a mission from Rome. It was instigated by Pope Gregory the Great. They founded St Paul’s in 604 AD.

But St Paul Cathedral burnt down in 675 and was rebuilt soon after. The second St Paul’s was destroyed by the Vikings before a new, third church was built in stone. Following another fire, the Cathedral was rebuilt by the Normans. They determined to create the longest and tallest Christian church in the world. It was finished in 1240.

In 1666 St Paul Cathedral was vastly destroyed by London Great Fire. Sir Christopher Wren took over the charge of designing this building. He made it a masterpiece after 9 years of planning, calculations. Sir Christopher Wren was the most famous architect at that time. He was a brilliant scientist and mathematician as well.

No admission fee is required for Mass or basic interior of building. But entrance fee is needed to see the Gallery and Church inside fully. Ticket cost for Adult £18.00. If you buy online, you will probably save around £2.50.

Please visit their website for update information on opening hours and Ticket cost.

Opening Hours

08.30 – 16.30. (It is open on Sunday for worship only)

St Paul’s Cathedral, St Paul’s Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AD Tel. 020 7246 8350, Nearest Tube: St Paul’s (Central Line)

St Paul’s Cathedral in a Google Map

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Visit the website for more information. You can explore the Cathedral by visiting link page.

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