St Bride Church, one of the earliest site of worships. A Roman pavement can be seen on display in the much-restored crypts. You can see the medieval glass

St Bride Church– The Romans established Londinium under the emperor Claudius in 43 AD, they dug a mysterious extra-mural ditch on the site of the future church and built a house, which seems likely to have been one of the earliest sites of worship. After some six centuries the name of St Bride emerged from legend to become associated forever with the site.

St. Bride born in 453 AD, shortly after St Patrick. She was the daughter of a prince. As a teenager with an overwhelming desire to do good to others, she gave away so many of her father’s possessions and enter the religious life. St. Bride was renowned throughout Christian Europe for her holiness and common sense, and was regarded as a saint during her lifetime. She died on 1st February 525 and was buried with the remains of Ireland’s two other patron saints – Patrick and Columba. This date continues to be celebrated as the Feast of St Bride. Bride successor abbesses had authority equal to that of a bishop for the following seven centuries.

By the time the Great Fire of 1666 left the church in ruins. It took nine years for St Bride’s to re-appear from the ashes under the inspired direction of Christopher Wren.

A Roman pavement can be seen to this day on display in the much-restored crypts. You can see the medieval glass. The St. Bride’s Cross was reputed to have been made by Bride from rushes to convert a dying man, and is traditionally seen in houses across Ireland to this day.

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