Shahjehan Mosque is a symbol of Muslim history in Britain. It is a Grade 2 listed historical building

Shahjehan Mosque was built in 1889 by Dr Gottleib Wilhelm Leitner. He received main donation from Begum Shah Jehan, ruler of Bhopal state in India for building the mosque. It was the first mosque in UK and Northern Europe. Within a few years of its establishment, the mosque became a centre for British Muslims, and was the only venue for religious and social festivals. It attracted visitors from distant places.

After Dr. Leitner’s death in 1889, the mosque remained deserted for many years but later came under the leadership of Khwaja Kalam-ud-Din, who came to England in 1912 as the first Muslim missionary. This was known as the Woking Muslim Mission. The Mission published the first English translation of the Qu’ran in 1917 and the influential Islamic Review until the mid-sixties.

Woking’s Muslim community grew, many from Pakistan, and in 1968 Sunni Muslims took over the running of the mosque, appointing the President of Pakistan as Chairman of its Trust.

Today the mosque is listed as a historical Grade 2 building. The Mosque also has a fully equipped Ghusal facility for receiving and washing of the deceased. There are two local funeral organisations that are available by request to assist and support individuals and families with organising funeral and burial arrangements.

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Location: The mosque is a 15 minutes walk from the railway station; leave from platform five and turn left onto Oriental Road. The mosque is found on the left, before the Lion Retail Park.

Contact: Shah Jehan Office Tel: 01483 760679 to arrange visits
Visit the website for more information. You can also visit other religious places in London

Source: islaminbritishstone & victorynewsmagazine


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