National Portrait Gallery – Free to see the most famous people  in British History and the world

National Portrait Gallery  features portraits of the most famous people in British history as well as hosts exhibitions of contemporary portraits from all around the world. It was founded in 1856.This is Free to view.

It was established on 2nd December 1856. Lord Ellesmere offered to the nation the so-called Chandos portrait of Shakespeare, which became the first picture to enter the Gallery’s collection.

Criteria for choosing the Portrait Gallery was to be about history, not about art, and about the status of the sitter, rather than the quality or character of a particular image considered as a work of art. This criterion is still used by the Gallery today when deciding which works enter to this gallery

St Martin’s Place
WC2H 0HE, London

Visit its website for more information.

You can also visit the neighbour famous gallery National Gallery

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