London theatre is an intrinsic part of the city’s culture. As the single most important source of entertainment and enjoyment, it has always been a solace for Londoners. Enjoying Theatre at west end is a common tourist activity. It has been increasing over the period. 14.587m tickets were sold in 2013 where as in 2002 it was 12m.

London Theatre

Theatre Inside

West End “Theatreland”, London’s main theatre district, contains approximately forty venues and is located in and near the heart of the West End of central London. Famous London Theatres such as the London Palladium, Fortune Theatre, Ambassadors Theatre, Palace Theatre, Phoenix Theatre, Piccadilly Theatre, Lyceum Theatre, Apollo Theatre and Queen’s Theatre will leave you spellbound and in raptures. One of the biggest theatres in London is the London Apollo Hammersmith Theatre, which has a seating capacity of 3,326 people.

London Theatre-old theatre-amphitheatresLondon Theatre-amphitheatres

Romans introduced first theatrical performances in Britain called amphitheatres like as ancient Greece thousand years before. These were semi-circular structures, constructed of wood initially and later rebuilt in stone. They were open to the air with banked seating surrounding a raised stage. The present form theatres comes after many changes over the period. Today these theatres are wonderful lessons in history, changing times, and testament to the growth in dramatics around the world.

Some very famous long-running shows: The Mousetrap – from 25 Nov 1952, Les Misérables – opened 8 Oct 1985, The Phantom of the Opera – from 9 Oct 1986, The Woman in Black – started from 15 Feb 1989 etc.

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You can buy Tickets from online or box Office on the show date. You need to visit the websites for update information and Ticket price. It is better to browse different websites for special deals.

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We specially highlight the following Theatres. Click the heading for details.

Globe Theatre- Shakespeare

American actor and director Sam Wanamaker initiated to rebuild Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and founded it in 1970 to the exploration of Shakespeare’s work and the playhouse for which he wrote. Her Majesty the Queen opened it in June 1997. Courtesy:Youtube-Shakespeare Globe Theatre Also the following links give information on Shakespeare and the London in which […]

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National Theatre

The National Theatre is devoted for the constant improvement of great traditional British Theatre. It strives to be a national centre of theatrical arts. It also produces the highest standards productions with the best artists and staff. NT provides such environment so the artists can utilize the fullest extent of their talents. Since its inception, […]

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Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre– A marionette theatre on a barge. All modern facilities of a theatre with the atmosphere of a historical vessel. Unique theatre experience. Courtesy:Yourtube-Puppet Theatre on Boat It is a small theatre so you need to book in advance in order to avoid disappointment. They expect you 15 minutes before the show start. The […]

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