Hampton Court Palace- A home of King Henry VIII, Charles I and King William of Orange. It has 60 Acres Garden and world’s most famous Maze

Hampton Court Palace draws huge numbers of tourists who have interest about Monarch history. It is located in most picturesque Richmond upon Thames. Hampton Court Palace was most famously the home of King Henry VIII; other historic residents include Charles I and King William of Orange.

Around 1200, the land of Hampton Court was very good for farming and and was easy for People to travel for near river Thames. So the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem (known as the Knights of Malta) used the site as agricultural estate & store (Maze). In 1514, the Knights granted a 99-year lease on this land to Thomas Wolsey, Henry VIII’s new chief minister and Archbishop of York. He built brand new latest style royal palace. When Wolsey fell from power in 1529, the palace (and the lease) was taken over by Henry VIII, who rebuilt the Hampton Court Palace and lived up to his death in 1547.

The palace has sixty acres of beautiful gardens and iconic Hampton Court Maze, the world’s most famous maze.

You can see outside the Palace but need a Ticket for visiting extra-ordinary royal inside. It is one of the most popular Royal Attractions.

Nearest Railway Station: Hampton Court Railway Station
Address: East Molesey, Richmond, Surrey KT8 9AU
Visit the website for more information, Events, Ticket Price and Booking. See other Royal attractions like Buckingham Palace, Changing Guard, Kensington Palace, Clarence House etc

Hampton Court Palace- A Tale of King Henry VIII


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