Food- Eating in London

London as Cosmopolitan City almost every world cuisine can be sampled somewhere in London- American, Arabian, Bangladeshi, Columbian, French, Indian, Japanese Sushi, Jamaican, Iranian, Lebanese, German, Mexican, Spanish Pakistani, Vietnamese etc.

Despite the cosmopolitan tastes of the younger generations, a more ‘traditional’ British menu like English Breakfast, Afternoon Teas, Dinner with Roast is still widely available at restaurants.

fish-chips-London FoodBreakfast-London FoodCream Tea-London Foodroast dinner-London FoodEnglish Food: Fish & Chips, Breakfast, Cream Tea, Roast Dinner

For more please visit BBC-London Food at Present Day. At the end of this page, there are more information on London Food like British Foods, Where to eat, Food Tour, Food Blog & Tipping Guide

What to Eat in London

You will find all types of foods everywhere in London. English Foods, Kebab Shop, Curry House, Chinese takeaway, Fish & Chip, Coffee house, Pubs, Restaurants all will be within your reach. You can get foods at Chemist shop, Supermarkets, Beauty shop, 24 hour express shop etc. They all are made up from best blenders, so that you get great taste.

Meet your demand spending from £2 to maximum what you want. There are plenty of choices and options available to pick according to your budget. Whatever you spend, food standards are high. Only London can accommodate from very low budget traveller to highly luxurious traveller.

Asian FoodApart from other countries Foods, Asian Foods Available here

Kebab Shop, Fish & Chips– You can see them everywhere but major in Bricklane, White Chapel, Green Street, Upton Park, East Ham (East London)

Curry food/Restaurants– seen on high streets but major in Bricklane, East London.

Chinese Foods/Takeaway – Chinese restaurants are also seen but major in Soho, Leicester Square

Moroccan, Afghan cuisine And Middle eastern cuisine– Major in Queensway, Edgware Road.

London’s Pubs & English Foods– Everywhere. They are good for inexpensive meal and incomparable atmosphere. They have a Bar services

Some Basic Tips

01. Tips– A 10% tip for good service – and only for good service – is the general rule. Be sure to check your bill because a gratuity might already be included. Also to check bills as waiters are not beyond making mistakes. Please read Tipping section for details.

02. Dress Code– “Smart casual” is fine everywhere. In the top end hotels and restaurants you may find some places that require men to wear a jacket, a tiny number of places also insist on a tie.

In pubs and modest restaurants anything goes except that bare chested men will usually not be served.

03. Refills– Free refills are uncommon in London. The Majority of restaurants will bring you a bottle/can of soda which isn’t refillable. Some restaurants do have free refills such as Pizza Hut or Harvesters but the majority don’t

04. Soda– The term Soda is not used for soft drinks (there is baking soda and soda crystals which are used for cleaning)

05. Fizzy drinks– Carbonated drinks are better known as fizzy drinks, the can, carton or bottle container will normally indicate ‘sparkling or still’


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